Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Now

As a small business, marketing is one of your top priorities–but it has to stick within a tight budget, and, in many cases, you need to be able to manage it yourself. The good news is, marketing doesn’t have to be a fancy process. Instead, try some of these ideas that you can start implementing today for your business.

Marketing Idea #1: Create Fantastic Content

Here’s the thing about content: if you’re willing and able to develop your content, it costs you almost nothing to create, other than the time that goes into the process. Whether you’re putting together an infographic or designing a video, your content is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers and bring them to you. You can create content about anything: the latest advances in your industry, frequently asked questions, explanations for complicated concepts, and more. Use your video as an opportunity to take your customers behind the scenes in your business or create a blog that helps a customer take care of some of the problems they have.

What can you do today?

Today, to get started on your content creation, sit down and create a content calendar that will help govern the content you need to create over the next few weeks or months. If possible, go ahead and create that first piece of content and get it on your website. It can’t bring in customers if it’s sitting on your hard drive!

Marketing Idea #2: Connect with Local Business Owners

Other local business owners can be a fantastic source of potential business for your company. Find businesses that have targets similar to yours, but who don’t offer the same services you do. Consider how you can partner with those business owners. You might, for example, create an agreement to refer interested traffic to one another, or you might find a way to work together on a community event. Working together can decrease both of your costs and increase your exposure.

What can you do today?

Check out your calendar to see whether or not there are any local networking events coming any time soon–and make sure you prioritize attending. If there aren’t any local events, consider how you can create an opportunity for a networking event. Write an email to another local business owner, or pick up the phone and call them.

Marketing Idea #3: Take Advantage of Your Social Media Page

Your social media presence is an excellent way to spread the word about your small business and what you offer. It’s also a great chance to connect with your customers, learn more about their main points, and ultimately create a better relationship with your customers. Are you taking full advantage of your social media accounts? You should:

  • Have a regular posting schedule that keeps your content in front of your customers’ eyes and helps increase brand recognition.
  • Interact with customers on a regular basis, including conversations on your posts and answers to their customer service issues.
  • Use your social media page to draw customers to your website, whether by highlighting specific content that you’ve recently created or by drawing them to products you know they’ll enjoy.

What can you do today? 

Take a look at your social media page. When was the last time you posted? Do you pay attention to customers’ queries? Take the time to write a post for your customers today, then create a posting schedule that will allow you to better highlight your business in the future.

Marketing Idea #4: Improve Social Proof for Your Business

Today’s customers have a global neighborhood of potential reviewers who can tell them all about the companies they’re considering–and that includes yours. Many consumers admit that they consider reviews from strangers on the internet–especially those that are backed by information like a real name or a link to a social media account–to be just as reliable as reviews from people that they know in person. Providing social proof that other people are satisfied with the job your company is doing, consider you to be trustworthy, and appreciate your products and services can help increase the odds that customers will choose your business over your competitors’.

What can you do today? 

Ask today’s customers if they would mind leaving you a review: on your website, on your Google My Business listing, or on social media, depending on where you’re most trying to build your presence. Consider offering incentive to customers who leave reviews: for example, they might receive a small discount or a free gift if you can prove that they left a review.

Marketing Idea #5: Grow Your Email List (And Use It)

Your email list is your connection to customers who have already chosen to trust your business. Chances are, most of the people on it have already made a purchase–and if they haven’t, they’re likely seriously considering it. Are you taking full advantage of your email list? Do you:

  • Send out regular emails to your customers?
  • Personalize your emails by sending out special offers and other information that are likely to appeal to specific demographics within your customer base?
  • Take steps to grow your email list on a regular basis?

If you aren’t taking full advantage of your email list, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to bring customers back to your website. Your email list is a great chance to show off new products, highlight new promotions, or just to remind customers that you’re there.

What can you do today? 

Take a look at your email list. When was the last time you sent out an email? Have you–mistakenly or otherwise–abandoned a specific segment? Now, take the time to carefully craft and send out an email. Let your customers know what’s going on at your business. It doesn’t have to be a long or detailed email; rather, it simply needs to help draw customers into your business.

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