There are currently 3,499,000 active social media users online right now. Social media is the new way word of mouth travels.

Everyone has an online brand. It’s a matter of if you choose to control it or let others control it for you.

It’s vital to have a hold on your social media presence if you want your brand messaging to be clear and consistent.

Here are ten fixes that will improve your brand’s social media presence now.

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According to Google, “near me” local searches have increased by 500 percent over the past two years.

When a nearby customer searches for a product or service in their area, you can use local SEO services to attract them to your business. Google local SEO strategies can put your company on the map and get customers through the door!

So what is local SEO, and how can it help give your business a boost? Keep reading to find out.

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Search Engine Optimization — it can be so confusing and yet it is one of the most important aspects of small business marketing! Whether you are a one-person shop or have a few employees helping you out, none of you get paid if you don’t have customers. The Small Business Association says, These days, consumers and B2B buyers alike find new businesses primarily by searching online. That means your website has to do some heavy lifting to attract new customers.”

Here are some SEO tips that you can use to increase your search rankings and therefore make it easier for potential customers to find you on that big world wide web.

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For many, getting your product or service in front of people is half the battle when growing your own business. A lot of small business owners know they need marketing, but don’t have the time to manage their marketing efforts while operating their business. Perhaps this is a crossroads you’ve found yourself standing before in the past, or this might be a current crossroads. As you can probably imagine, there are several solutions to this dilemma.

You could hire an intern, hire a freelancer, hire an in-house marketing manager, or outsource your marketing to a marketing agency. There is no “right” answer. It’s different for each business and situation. Let’s look at when it might be time to look into each of these solutions.

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